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"This program is amazing! My 15 year-old son went from nothing on the piano to playing for Sunday worship services in 2 months."

- Terry Tyler, Pastor

"With this method you're playing real music right from the first song."

- Rebekah Edwards, RN

"I thought piano would have to be difficult to learn. But this system makes it so easy."

- Lorien Bell, College Student

"I have never been so excited about anything other than my kids and my grand kids being born. All my life I've wanted to play the piano. I've never seen anything so easy. Before this, it was very hard for me, even when taking private lessons, to get any chords without constantly looking at my left hand and not doing anything with my right hand. But with this course, playing the professional way, it's absolutely wonderful!"

- Gloria Borland, Albuquerque, NM

"Buying the Professional Chord System is the best money I have spent."

- Cindy Peterson, Executive Secretary

"Practice was so rewarding, I had to rip myself away from the piano!"

- Michael Higginson, Dentist

"I bought your system and I've got to tell you, this is dynamite! I'm only on Lesson 5, I've got to tell you, it was already worth the money. I just wanted to give you guys some feedback. Excellent! Excellent! This is the coolest thing to practice. Thanks again you guys.

- George Farkas, Livonia, MI

"My daughter didn't like piano lessons. Now that she has the Professional Chord System, she enjoys playing the piano all the time. She even makes up her own songs. She loves this system."

- Rebekah Lee, Home School Mother

"I've tried a lot of lessons and a lot of methods. With this one, I'm finally learning how to play the piano, which is what I've wanted to do all my life."

- Enid Haslam, Age 72

"This is a skill I have always wanted to learn... and there's no easier or better way to get it than with your method... My teenage sons spend every spare minute fighting over the piano."

- Susan Jackson, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I've tried a lot of different ways to learn to play the piano. With this program, it's the first time my wife ever said, `play it again!'"

- Richard Calentine, Waco, TX (80 years old)


"I took piano lessons for years. But now, for the first time, I really enjoy playing!"

- Ree Osborn

"I learned more from one lesson of the Professional Chord System than I did in two years of college music theory."

- RL, Entrepreneur

"This is the best progressive chord method I have seen... Everything works. Everything goes together. I couldn't imagine anything better to learn from. This is the best bargain on the planet."

- Rod Simpson, Talent Agent/Record Producer

"Who would have thought piano lessons could be fun!"

- Tina Wilson, (10 years traditional piano lessons)

"I was delighted to find a method for working with popular music that sounds so good, yet is easy to learn."

- Yvonne Egbert, Consultant for International Piano Teaching Foundation

"Anyone who really wants to play the piano, and not go through all the agony, should purchase this method. It's the smartest thing I ever did."

- Lola Brown, Farmington, NM

"What I've found with your method is a sense of confidence in my ability and that professional sound that I have been hoping so much to produce. Sometimes I can't believe it's actually me making this big, full sound. And it's been so painless to learn! Thank you for sharing your method with the world."

- Colleen Casey, Santa Barbara, CA

"Your program is the only method I've found that let's beginning students produce such expressive, full-sounding music. The songs in your course have been such a pleasure to play... I hate to think about having to go back to my old `Drill & Kill' course."

- Jack Decker, Aloha, OR

"Don't offer to buy back my Professional Chord System. I wouldn't sell it back for $2000. Thanks again!"

- Bob Taylor, Bedford, TX


"Even though I have played using chords my whole life, I wouldn't teach chord piano until I found your course! I'm getting amazing results with all my students."

- Doris Holmes, Piano Teacher, Tyler, TX

"The professional sound will stimulate even the most advanced students. But, its step by step approach allows beginning students to maintain a feeling of real accomplishment."

- Clinton Bell, Piano Teacher

"I have reviewed numerous programs and I am convinced that this program is by far the best available anywhere."

- Bruce Walker, Music Dept. Chairman Treasure Valley Community College

"Thank you for such a great way to teach chords! This really is a blessing. My students are enjoying it too."

- Lori Stiles, Piano Teacher

"This system is way better than I thought it was when I bought it!"

- Suzanne Merrill, Piano Teacher

"I've taught piano for many years, but I'm sure my husband would never have learned to play if it weren't for the Professional Chord System. Now we enjoy playing duets for our friends when we go to parties."

- Rhea Paige, Piano Teacher

"I've been teaching the Professional Chord System at the University of Texas. I teach mostly adult students getting back into piano after several years. One commented: `This is the most fun I've ever had. I'm finally learning what I really wanted to learn in playing the piano.' As a teacher, I like this course because it is so teachable. It just makes sense."

- Judy Wilkins, University of Texas at Tyler


"Learning the Professional Chord System is the smartest thing I've ever done for myself."

- Lola Brown, Former Professional Singer

"I've always wanted to accompany myself while I sing, but the piano arrangements you find on sheet music sound terrible and are hard to play! With the Professional Chord System, not only is it easy for me to play while I sing, I can play an accompaniment that sounds so much better than the written music."

- Julie H, Singer

As a singer it can be very inconvenient finding someone to play the piano every time I want to practice or perform. Learning the Chord System allows me to be my own accompanist.

- Amy Clements, Boise, ID