Learn to improvise and play by ear the way you’ve always wanted

Have you had piano lessons when you were younger, but now you don't play? Or after of years of lessons, you couldn't play "Happy Birthday" without music? Maybe you can play well from music, but like many experienced players, you long to be able to improvise. You wish you could play without having to read music and sound like the professionals you hear on radio and TV. With the Professional Chord System you can add what's been missing in your music and enjoy the piano like never before.

The Professional Chord System is a step-by-step pattern based chord approach that lets experienced players add an exciting dimension to their music. You won't waste time learning the simplified chord methods found in music stores. In a surprisingly short time, you’ll play piano using the chord and rhythm patterns of the professionals. You can learn to play songs in a variety of ways like the professionals play them, instead of the difficult arrangements of most popular songs. You can learn techniques that will allow you to write songs or play songs by ear without having to read music.