Finally, a course for teens and adults that sounds great, yet is easy to learn

With the Professional Chord System from Creative Music, it is now easy for you as a piano teacher to add instruction in professional chord technique to your present curriculum. This will help your students increase their self-confidence and creativity, gain greater fluency and additional motivation to practice. The Professional Chord System takes the student from the beginning to improvising like a professional in a step-by-step pattern based approach. Its the perfect answer to the teen student who is losing interest in traditional lessons, or the adult beginner who desires to sound good in a short period of time.

Using the Professional Chord System, your experienced students will love adding this exciting dimension of improvisation to their playing and experience a feeling of increased motivation and fluency. Your bored or struggling students will gain the self-confidence and feeling of accomplishment that is so essential to their success. And your adult beginners will sound good so quickly that they and their friends will think you are the best teacher in the world. Private piano teachers as well as instructors in music stores, colleges and universities are having great success with this program.

Along with the 72-lesson course materials, a comprehensive Instructor's Manual, available from Creative Music, makes it easy to teach the Professional Chord System to teen or adult students in a private or group setting. A packet of student instructional materials is also available separately. Contact us about our special teacher discount for student packet orders.