The Professional Chord System

With David Higginson's Professional Chord System you can easily learn professional keyboard technique regardless of your ability level. The method is exciting and rewarding for an experienced musician but still easy enough for a beginner.

The complete system includes:

Four DVD's/videos, containing 72 lessons, containing nearly 9 hours of visual step-by-step instruction.

An 84 page Lesson Book, complete with chord diagrams, rhythm patterns, practice aids, theory lessons, and the ChordFinder index.

A Song Book, with lead sheets for thirteen standard popular songs.

A Listening CD, with the music to help you learn what the chords and ryhthms sound like so you will be able to correct yourself and speed up the learning process.

ChordFinder Keyboard Charts and Quick Reference Guides, which make it easy for anyone to quickly find the chords, right from the start. KeyFinder Charts, for beginning students.

Comes with unlimited toll-free telephone/email support.

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